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//The Mommy-Hood Blog

I decided to write a little blog while on maternity leave because I think many of our patients can relate – and laugh along a little bit.

First and foremost, I am not a writer.  So when I sat down to write a “new mommy blog,” all I came up with is blanks, so bear with me.

Mommy-hood.  Wow is life different!  Now, as a pediatrician, I know a LOT of stuff about children.  I preach it all day, every day.  I take what I’ve learned in school, residency, practice, and other moms and regurgitate it to more moms and dads.  However, life experience is totally different and eye-opening.  Now, all my life I’ve taken care of children outside of medicine – whether it be babysitting, being a nanny, having extended family around but nothing compares with having one of your own!  I find myself constantly struggling between mommy-brain and pediatrician-brain.

I am in week 2 of little Kingston’s life.  So far, so good.  I think… if you count living in a new world with crying, diapers, breastfeeding and more diapers.  Which is what I expected.  What I didn’t expect was how HARD it would actually be, and how WONDERFUL it would be.

Breastfeeding is HARD.  Now, I tell all moms-to-be and new moms this.  How it’s harder than you think, even after everyone telling you how hard it is.  I’m sure bottle feeding is hard as well, although I don’t have much of that experience yet.  I think the hardest part is you have to do it YOURSELF.  Bless my amazing husband, but he can only do so much.  Really, the responsibility is your own – the mommy.  That’s where the guilt comes in.  The guilt is what I didn’t expect.  Guilt about everything!!  Did he get enough?  Am I making enough?  Is he growing alright?  Am I eating enough?  Drinking enough water?  Am I failing as a mother?  I feel guilty when my husband gives him a bottle at 3am to give me a break!  This is where being a pediatrician doesn’t help too much.  Mommy brain takes over.  I’m sure the hormones have something to do with it as well

Breastfeeding is COMPLICATED.  Do I pump?  How do I increase milk supply?  Power pump?  Foods and teas?  He only wants to eat on one side.  Do I pump the other side?  Just alternate sides? I havn’t had any problems with latching or pain or anything, so I can’t even imagine how that would complicate things further.  Kingston is a snacker.  How do you stop that?  It would be much nicer to feed WELL every 3 hours rather than just a little every hour.  My doctor brain tells me this is normal, just feed on demand and your breastmilk should keep up.  My Mommy brain screams “I’m TIRED!!!”   It’s a whole lot harder to do all this while utterly exhausted.

Also, no one ever told me how amazing it is.  Being a mommy is AWESOME.  There is nothing like the love I feel when I look at him.  Even in the middle of the night, when he has only given me a 45 minute “nap”, I may groan and mutter to myself “you’ve GOT to be kidding me”…  I will still get up, feed him and hold him with all the love I can give.  I feel like being a mommy is what I was meant to do.

Maybe next week I’ll write about sleeping (if I learn anything about it by then)!

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